Saturday, November 29, 2003

My Wife and I have been together for 9 years now, and have been married for the past 5.
Our ability to argue is the stuff of legend and is only believed by those who have witnessed it first hand.

Now, to start, let me explain something. Regardless of what you read, My Wife and I consider ourselves to be happily married. Call us Crazy, but despite our hangups, tiffs, verbal abuse, and so on, we are strong enough in our relationship to overcome our differences, and stay together.

My relationship with Wifey has kept me on my toes. Sometimes it seems that no matter what I say, and no matter what acquired knowledge I am drawing on, she disagrees with me. Sometimes I wonder if she would disagree with me that the Sky is blue, or that gravity works. How's she going to disagree with that? Oh, she'd find a way, because I am "always wrong"

Case in point:The Famous Tornado argument
This goes back a ways, and I will recall it to the best of my ability.
Now Wifey is not from the Midwest where we currently reside. She Grew up in Southern California, and moved with her Folks to Hawaii. Therefore she has never experienced the threat of a tornado. She is terrified of the very real possibility that one of these highly destructive anomalies will rip our house to shreds and mangle our bodies. OK its a slight exaggeration.
On the Subject of Tornadoes it is worthy of noting, that Very seldom do they ever strike or pass through a Big City downtown area. I reckon it is a matter of random possibility. Downtown Cities are relatively small by comparison to the expanse of land between them. and you can take into consideration the storm direction and random patterns of a tornado and you get a slim to none possibility. (pretty much the same possibility of one hitting your house considering the way I look at it) It also has a lot to do with the overall construct of the land, is it a mountain or a Valley, are there Mobile homes in the Vicinty...etc.
I bring this up, because she once asked me why you never hear of a tornado hitting a big city, like Cincinnati where we live. I explained that it probably had something to do with the fact that Cincy is in a Valley, and that the outlying hills probably cause an updraft or something of that nature that would deter the Cyclonic activity of a tornado. (yeah, ok I was guessing, but that's not the point at this time.) From the converstaion she logically concluded that it was impossible for any tornado to ever hit any big city. It's her belief that the buildings create enough of a wind buffer to prevent it from happening.

One day while at work I heard over the Radio that a tornado had hit downtown Miami
as seen here:Miami May 97
More about it here:USA Today report May 12 1997
I called Wifey to recall our previous converstaion and told her that apparently it IS possible and that it had just happened. Well, having not heard the reports, not seen the pictures, and not konwing any better her response was classic. "That wasn't a tornado" I told her that There were pictures of it in the paper, her response, "no there aren't those are fake." I also told her that the Network Newscasters were showing film of it as it was reaping havoc on downtown Miami. her response to this, "that was a tropical depression those people don't know what they are talking about."
She was so sure I was wrong for believing the Local Newscasters because "Those stupid newscasters get everything wrong"
I cited news sources known for being reputable such as the Associated Press and Reuters. and was still shot down by her denial.
It was a hurricane, a water spout, an illusion...ANYTHING BUT A TORNADO!
It took Hours of getting on the internet and pulling down every news agency to her choosing and realizing that no one was calling it anything but a tornado did she finally concede that it was indeed a tornado.
Now, 6 years later she hardly remembers the disagreement. However, she admits that she does this sort of thing to make sure I am checking my sources for credibility and accuracy.
I admit, it's true...you can't believe everything you read. You can't believe everything reported in the News, You can't believe everything you hear on the radio. But For Petes sake, Can you just take my word once in a while instead of making me prove it?

more to come...

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