Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I have an incredible Daughter
Not that I need to convince anyone who knows her.

Today I took her for her Fist Dental Appointment. Going into it I thought for sure I would spend hours consoling her. But all through the visit she never once complained. The Steel pick the dental technician used frightened her at first sight, But once she realised it was not a shot, and only intended to "count" her teeth, she relaxed. Even I winced a little when her teeth were being scraped, but kiddo had no coplaints. If she was experiencing discomfort, she didn't show it. My kiddo is not shy about letting us know when she is hurt or unhappy.

She was instructed in the use of "Mr Suckie" and was all too happy to oblige when it was time to rinse.
Once she was done with the pick, it was smooth sailing from there. She insisted on Bubble gum flavored toothpaste before it was even mentioned as an option. Sheesh, when I was a kid it was bubble gum, cherry, or mint...that was it. There are all kinds of flavors now.

Looking back I think the only unpleasant thing was the Darn plastic flute she picked from the Toy box for being so good. Something about it made my head vibrate everytime she blew into it.

At any rate, Kiddos Teeth are Clean, and as promised I will take her for Ice Cream after school today. (even though it's freakin 20 degrees outside)

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

A simple plan gone terribly awry.

My daughter will begin school in the near future. In order to keep things functional in my home I have decided to make the switch from graveyard hours, to the day shift at work. You’d think this would be simple…think again.

Right off the bat and ever since, my supervisor has been very supportive. “One way or another, we will get you back on days” he said. There is, however, one slight glitch...The entire company is having a nervous breakdown now that I am not going to be here to take care of things in the evening.

To begin with there is one customer that has relied on someone to be here in the evenings in the event that they need assistance so late in the day. Well, their service contract is up for renewal, and we finally negotiated a compromise.

Now there is the issue of the ghost. OK people, he's friendly so don't worry about it. His name is Phil and all you have to do is ask him politely to not spook you out. He is very respectful. He's actually quite nice.

Security, I've been setting the alarm for so long nobody else remembers how to do it.

Several people are forced to change their hours so they won't be left in the building alone, others are worried the shippers won't arrive to pick up in time. Even in my own home three was a little confusion on exactly when the switch would take place and how we would handle it.

What a lesson huh? Hundreds of lives are being affected, my employer, one of our biggest customers, and several other people are all coming unglued. Its Crisis management like you’ve never seen, all because of a 5 year old girl, who just needs structure and more time with her Daddy.

Wow, I guess I'm pretty popular.

This is slightly off topic
It has occurred to me that advertisers are not much different from cockroaches.
Sooner or later they will make it into your house. They adapt to new forms of keeping them at bay and continue to annoy you with new ways of getting into your home.

In truth I think the executives of most ad agencies are actually Highly evolved Giant cockroaches who have learned to disguise themselves as humans.

I came upon this revelation as I was looking at the options of the Weather Channels Desktop Weather.
tangent: You geeks out there reading my post will no doubt try to tell me about a different program or a hack that is better. SHUT UP. I like the Weather Channels desktop program.
end Tangent.
I can choose to accept the ads with the free program, or I can pay $30 per year for additional features and no ads. This is tempting, but let's analyze this briefly shall we? Are the advertisers losing $30 of revenues just because I don't want a thousand advertisements for Allegra? I mean, sure I have allergies, but just how much is their cut of what I spend on allergy medication per year. Mortgages? If Fannie May can't do it, I sincerely doubt if some "fly by night" Schmuck can.

So I can safely say that the weather channel will not be recovering any advertising revenues if I were to pay them the annual fee. I am actually considering the better version for the improved features.

I just want advertisers out of my life. They are worse than the paparazzi. The invade areas of my life that should remain sacred. But they don't care. They just have to sell me something.

We used to buy or rent Video tapes so we could avoid the ads and enjoy movies without advertising....Remember Ad free rentals? I do. But now when I get a new DVD, be it a rental or one I buy, there is about ten minutes of ads before the menu or feature presentation. If one is not savvy with the DVD player remote they cannot avoid these ads. In some cases they have disabled the "skip ahead" button in order to Force you to watch the ad. "Cockroaches!"

The advent of pop-up blockers has helped when surfing the web, but they have a new improved pop-up that now appears over the content of certain web pages it cannot be averted or closed, and it stays on top of the page. Say it with me folks "Cockroaches!"

There is now also a new technology, although I have yet to encounter it myself, that allows my cell phone to be detected in the immediate vicinity of certain businesses so that a digital coupon will be sent to my phone by way of text message. Say it again "Cockroaches!"

The Telezapper...What a freakin joke! Supposedly it would answer with the initial "invalid number" tone causing the telemarketer to flag your contact information as no longer valid and therefore your number would be deleted from their files. They caught on to that one right away making the telezapper completely useless. "Cockroaches!"

The infamous "Do not call" list that millions of people signed up for across the nation is not being observed due to a moratorium put into effect because the telemarketers complain that it will put them out of business. And what idiots let this moratorium happen? Certainly not my friends at Black flag, or Roach Motel... "Cockroaches!"
(My Wife had a very creative solution to telemarketers. When our daughter was only about a year old, she would give the phone to her and let them try to sell her something. After about 10 minutes they would finally hang up.

They will continue to find ways into our lives, and they will continue to annoy us, because it makes them money. Yes, They get paid to Piss you off. Kind of makes you want to stomp on a cockroach now doesn't it?

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